Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Saviano stop raping my wife"

Subtitle: Strangeness in the Loop
There has been a widespread story making its way on blogs. & guess what?? I have firsthand knowledge of the story! The Richard J. Daley Center is a 30 story building over 400 ft. tall and is the site of civil litigation in Cook County (not all of it but most of it). Several of the floors are dedicated to divorces and child custody. I am a paralegal that occasionally files documents at the Law Division so I walk by the strange sight above of this man who stays motionless and expressionless for hours on end.
A married couple by the name of Farhad Khoiee-Abassi and Shabnam Vahabinazhad had kids and are now getting a divorce. The divorce is very bitter and has been going on over 2 years. There have been custody fights over the kids and Ms. Vahabinazhad has needed protection orders to protect herself against her upset husband. Since Mr. Khoiee-Abassi is Arabic could there be an honor killing afoot? Maybe, maybe not, but his estranged wife doesn't feel very safe.

Mr. Khoiee-Abassi has been, of course, very frustrated with the whole process. So to vent his frustration he has done the following, with the sign above, "FBI Agent Chris Saviano stop raping my wife" Why are so many bloggers grasping at straws regarding this story? Because no one really knows who "Chris Saviano" is. The records of those who work at the FBI are understandably hard to get access to so the FBI is obviously not going to help unwrap this mystery. Mr. Khoiee-Abassi is very mute and talks only rarely so he doesn't explain why he singled out the supposed "Chris Saviano". The only concrete part of this story is the fact that the above couple is in a very bitter divorce.

There is a fairly decent discussion about this event on

Oh, & get this! He's been at the Daley Ctr. on such a regular basis that he's become a tourist attraction. Now people come up next to him, turn to their friend's camera and give a big wave, like they're next to the Sears Tower or Lake Michigan or something! Predictably he just stands there and ignores the posing and cameras.

As you may have noticed, I subtitled this post "Strangeness in the Loop" The Loop is a part of downtown Chicago so named because the El CTA train tracks form a loop with a rectangle of streets which they are above (Wells, Van Buren, Wabash, & Lake Sts.) Mr. Khoiee-Abassi is not the only strange part of the Loop. You have a myriad of beggars and homeless people. Today, I saw a young woman advertise that she found out on the ultrasound that she was pregnant, and he will be a boy. So she, of course, needed your cash. Another woman with sunglasses (to show that she was hiding bruises), advertised that she was beat up and assaulted so she also needed money. Man, the lady I admire most, Jean Teasdale, would be extremely busy trying to help them!
The homeless even have their own newspaper, Streetwise. Much of the money goes to the homeless person selling the paper (which is only a dollar). They paper is professionally done and some of the homeless have actually used the money to advance themselves and no longer be homeless. I've bought it numerous times. It's a good paper.
But I really do like working in the Loop, and I'm only 2 blocks away from the Daley Center and the very stoic, mute Mr. Khoiee-Abassi. Poor guy.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger jeanteasdale said...

The city of Chicago ought to do something about all of those panhandlers. So many of them make a living panhandling. It gives the city a bad reputation and scares the tourists. There are social service agencies out there for those who are truly in need. However, with these agencies, people are required to follow rules and regulations. ie: to stay a local rescue mission in the town where I live, you are not allowed to smoke or drink in the facility. These people refuse to follow these directives, so they live on the streets. Do I feel sorry for these people? Yes and no. So many of these people are mentally ill but yet some of them know how to milk the system dry.

I recall a trip to Mexico that I made several years ago. I walked from the taxi to my hotel and I was surrounded by little begging children. The cab driver advised us not to give these children any money. Well I didn't. They went away, all the while money was jangling in their pockets. So, as you see, they make a living out of begging.

I was brought up to work hard and support your own family. No welfare, no social security. Just good old work and lots of it. Enough said. Also, I think that this guy who is standing on the corner is acting ridiculous. He is probably flabbergasted that in the USA, women are equal to men and he cannot get away with typical Middle Eastern men behavior where women are submissive to the demands of their husband. I say kick him off the corner. Again just the opinions of jean.

At 3:51 AM, Blogger Vince S said...

JEAN! I agree with you concerning this guy on the corner. I can't remember the exact quote but some reporter was in Pakhistan. He was with a group of men and one of them posed the question (I am paraphrasing, not quoting), "What do you call a guy who listens to his wife?" Answering his own question, he said, "A man with no dick!" Now, we can't say that all Pakhistani guys think like this, but you're right, something about that religion about that culture treats women rather poorly. It's really pretty obscene.
What to do with the panhandlers is another situation entirely and 1000s of pages could be written about it. If you try one solution then all these unintended consequences crop up, I think you need to go for the root causes, better education in depressed neighborhoods, good family planning, jobs, opportunities, but coming up with all that is like moving heaven and earth.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Vince S said...

Oh, and here's something to add. Since the problem of helping the poor is very nettlesome and doesn't often produce clear, beneficial results, you get certain Republicans who state loudly, "The WAR ON POVERTY HAS BEEN LOST!" Then they slash nearly all types of assistance (even programs that work) and then you get more dramatic, more dire instances of "The Curse of the Starving Class"

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Yossi said...

I know the man since childhood unlike the rest of you I can speak of my experience. There must be some substance for his complains. I cannot believe that he will complain so vociferously for no reason. Any reasonable person should ask the question, if this FBI agent did not exist would it not be natural for FBI to haul his ass in front of mental health board and question his sanity! At least would not they have hauled him to court for slander! There must be more in to it than you are gleaning from side line. Finally he is not Arabic, he is Persian by birth!

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Salil said...

Nice. Commenters slandering Pakistanis (and mispelling "Pakistan"), mixing up Persians with Arabs, and conflating the mentally unsound with pandhandlers, all the while despising immigrants for their work ethics and their attitudes towards women.

It really does seem to me like America is far more interested in presenting itself (and therefore, most Americans) with anecdotal information that makes everyone feel better about themselves, rather than ever taking the tiny bit of time necessary to understand a situation.

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